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CIC Announces Results of 21st Express Entry Draw Resulst

The CIC has stated that it desire’s to  conduct nearing to 25 Express Entry draws this year and presently it has successfully conducted about 20 Express entry and it would conduct nearing to 4 more Express Entry draws by the year end.

The Details for the 21st Express Entry Draw IncludeCanada-21st-Draw-Results

1559 –invites sent

472- CRS Score

All those individuals who have received 472 score or more points they can Enter in to Canada Permanent Residency

 Benefits of Canada Permanent Residency

  • Can receive most social benefits which Canadian Citizens receive which does include health care coverage
  • Live, work or study anywhere in the maple leaf nation
  • Can apply for Canadian Citizenship
  • Do receive protection under Canadian law and Canadian Charter of rights and Freedoms

The CIC does roll out red carpet to all those individuals who have got an invite. These individuals are qualified professionals and they tend to posses unique skills as well as abilities

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