Immigrate to Australia for the Purpose of Working and Settling in the Nation

Australia-PR-for-Skilled-EmployeesAustralia, the land of endless career and employment opportunities is one of the most magnificent nations in the world that magnetizes thousands of overseas nationals to be part of its world. In fact, this is a one of the most sought after immigration destination in the world when it come to living Permanently in Australia, as the nation is well-known for its friendly ambiance, living standards, health and travel facilities as well as the other educational and job prospects.

Have any plans to be part of this beautiful world? Then gain fine cognizance on its visa options and requirements by going through the below information.

Why Migrate to Australia? 

Australia is an amazingly vibrant and perfect immigration destination for skilled and qualified professionals across the globe. As the Indians are renowned for their high-end talent, skills, potentials and professional dedication, which the down under nation is in need of, thus the government has started encouraging Australian immigration from India.

Australia Immigration

Overseas skilled workers those who wish to Immigrate to Australia for the Purpose of Working or Settling in the country can make use of any of the below-listed immigration programs.

  •   Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189)
  •   Skilled Nominated visa (Subclass 190)
  •   Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (Subclass 489)

From above-listed visa options, only first two offers Australia permanent residency, where as the third one just paves the way for PR.

Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189): This special visa class is mainly applicable for points tested skilled professionals, who do not hold any sponsorship from an Australian employer or family member nor a nomination by its state or territory government.

Skilled Nominated visa (Subclass 190): From the name itself we can that it applicable only for overseas skilled workers who have attained nominations from the state or territory government of the province.

Common Requirements for the Above Listed Australian Skilled Visas:-

  •   Age should be less than 50 years
  •   Proficiency in English language
  •   Must have nominated an occupation that is present in the relevant SOL list of the nation with proper skills evaluation for the same
  •   Must have obtained a minimum of 60 points in the point-based test

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CIC Announces Results of 21st Express Entry Draw Resulst

The CIC has stated that it desire’s to  conduct nearing to 25 Express Entry draws this year and presently it has successfully conducted about 20 Express entry and it would conduct nearing to 4 more Express Entry draws by the year end.

The Details for the 21st Express Entry Draw IncludeCanada-21st-Draw-Results

1559 –invites sent

472- CRS Score

All those individuals who have received 472 score or more points they can Enter in to Canada Permanent Residency

 Benefits of Canada Permanent Residency

  • Can receive most social benefits which Canadian Citizens receive which does include health care coverage
  • Live, work or study anywhere in the maple leaf nation
  • Can apply for Canadian Citizenship
  • Do receive protection under Canadian law and Canadian Charter of rights and Freedoms

The CIC does roll out red carpet to all those individuals who have got an invite. These individuals are qualified professionals and they tend to posses unique skills as well as abilities

What are the requirements for EU Blue Card for Sweden?

Are you planning work in Sweden? Then Sweden EU-blue card would be the best choice. If you are unaware of Sweden EU-blue card process and looking for assistance then you can approach the immigration consultants of Opulentus. Sweden is world’s rich and most advanced nation. While EU-Blue Card is a wide system, every country has its own qualification criteria for their own particular nation’s Blue Card plan. Referring to this, starting 1 August 2013, Sweden EU Blue card has come into effect for international skilled people. This is a stunning opportunity for abroad or non-EU nationals to venture into the primary modern fields of telecoms, ranger service and pharmaceutical and the auto commercial enterprises in Sweden. The main motto of Sweden behind the signing of EU Blue Card plan is to allow talented overseas nationals to work and dwell in Sweden briefly. Then again, every country should meet principles such as:

  • Provides work and wage conditions similar nationals
  • Allow free movement within Schengen zone
  • Allow great circumstances for family reunification
  • Paves path for permanent resident status

What is Sweden EU Blue Card

Sweden EU Blue Card a work permit issued for the abroad talented people to live and work in Sweden. This plan has allured a various talented immigrants to pick Sweden instead of different countries. Doing as such, the labor shortages in the nation will be filled by abroad skilled individuals.

Requirements for EU Blue Card for Sweden?

A foreign national, who might want to apply for Sweden EU Blue Card, must meet the below Sweden EU Blue Card Requirements.

  • A valid passport
  • Must hold bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • Five year work experience
  • Hold an employment contract in Sweden or a binding job offer, for a period of one year
  • Offered pay must be no less than 1.5 times the average gross yearly salary in Sweden.
  • Applied for health insurance

Advantages of staying in Sweden on EU Blue Card

  • Short-term resident or work permit for two years or till the employment offer is in place
  • After five years of stay in Sweden on EU Blue Card, individuals can become eligible for PR
  • Can bring relatives instantly
Why Opulentus?

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Opulentus offers adept assistance for Hong Kong immigration process

Hong Kong is always known as the ideal destination for those wishing to move overseas. The country ranked best in terms of quality living standards, better career prospects as well as good work culture. Home to thousands of immigrants, the country outlines plans to attract thousands of skilled workers over each year. With fascinating culture and awesome traditions, Hong Kong immigration is one such amazing opportunity that transforms one’s life.

With booming economy, Hong Kong is known as the perfect platform to carry out business activities in Asia. Hong Kong is a promising place for skilled workers and offer ample opportunities for skilled professionals in various sectors. It is mostly preferred and the government has identified the potential of skilled workers and designed Quality Migrant admission scheme to draw skilled professionals.

Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is for Indians who wish to immigrate overseas. It is framed to entice skilled professionals and uses a point base system to assess candidate’s eligibility. There are two points based tests- General and achievement based points test. Individuals need to undertake either general or achievement based on their skills and abilities. If you are one among such individual and interested to immigrate to Hong Kong, then you should assess your eligibility. In this task, you need to take the advice of immigration professionals.

Expert immigration consultants will provide worth full advice with regards to the application as well as documentation. Experienced visa counselors will make your immigration process simple by offering breakthrough immigration services to prospective candidates. And, they also help you about how to file an application as well as where to submit the application.

Professional immigration counselors like Opulentus visa experts will help and guide you with respect to every phase and make you understand every procedure. They will help you to get maximum points under point base test and files your application under the program abiding by the immigration norms and policies. In visa application process, they know how to present the profile in the best manner and would make your process easy.

Opulentus assistance in helping me obtain B2 Visitor visa

Hello everyone! My name is Neetha. I recently went to Opulentus visa consultancy for getting help concerning the US tourist visa. When I went there, I was a complete novice but after the entire visa application was over and I got my B2 visitor pass, I left the place learning something totally new. At this point of time, I would like to narrate the experience I had with Opulentus.

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Get Australia Nominated visa with the help of Opulentus

Australia emerged as the great destination for immigrants to reside in across the world, thanks to the growing economy, increasing opportunities and better career scope. The country offers ample opportunities for skilled professionals and is looking forward for highly qualified immigrants. Australia immigration is preferred by almost all the people especially by overseas skilled professionals as they can easily settle in their country. One can migrate to Australia to benefit from its excellent career opportunities, good living standards and amazing lifestyle options.

Immigration to Australia               

Australian government has introduced many schemes such as Skilled Independent Visa, Skilled Nominated Visa and many more. In order to apply for Australia skilled nominated visa, one must be a skilled professional and should meet certain conditions. Australia skilled nominated visa is a permanent residence visa and is for points-test workers who wish to work and reside in Australia.

Applicants need to demonstrate their interest to immigrate to Australia, which is termed as express of interest.

Australia Nominated visa (subclass 190)

Australia Nominated visa (subclass 190) is for skilled professionals and one should submit expression of interest and must receive an invitation. The following are the few requirements of Australia Nominated visa:

  • Candidate must nominate an occupation that is listed on the relevant skilled occupation list
  • Suitable skill assessment for that occupation
  • Age must be under 50 years
  • Must secure the score specified in your invitation letter based on the factors in the points test
  • English language proficiency
  • Received nomination from either a state or territory government agency of Australia

Candidates who secured Australia Nominated visa can reside, work or study in Australia for indefinite period. They can even enroll in Medicare, which is an Australia’s scheme for health-related care. In addition to this, they can apply for Australian citizenship.

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Opulentus helped to get Australia Student Visa

I am Evelyn and I’m here to share my thoughts and views about Opulentus. I have done my graduation in Bangalore and I want to move to Australia to pursue my MBA degree program. When I was thinking about how to move to Australia and stay over there, I have come across Opulentus while googling.

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I was clearly intimated about the status of the process. Although, I have many doubts with regards to immigration process, with the support of the immigration team, I have successfully navigated through every phase of the process.

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Opulentus US Visa Testimonial


Opulentus treats its clients like its own people

I am settled in US for quite some time and now want my parents to come here on visit visa. Although I could do everything from here, processing and other stuff, my busy schedule doesn’t let me take even a tea break.

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