US introduced TN visa for Canadian and Mexican temporary workers

In present time workforce shortage is the biggest problem for all the countries around the world. There are so many immigration and visa policies have been implemented by the US to avoid the scarcity of the human resource. TN visa is one of the initiatives proposed by the American government to allow the Canadian and Mexican temporary workers to take part in the American projects.

This visa is only applicable for the citizen of Mexico and Canada. The visa is approved for the candidates who have the employment offer from the US for a professional job. The visa has been created by the North American free trade agreement or called as NAFTA to main the bilateral relationship of trade and commerce with the countries like Canada and Mexico.

There are some eligibility criteria for obtaining the TN visa. First of all the candidate has evidence that he/she is the citizen of Canada or Mexico because other foreign individual are not permitted for this concern. The applicant must have an employment offer from the US employer before applying for this TN visa.

The occupation of the candidate should obey the terms and conditions of NAFTA.  For getting this visa the minimum qualification of the applicant should be a bachelor’s degree. The character and the healthy requirement should fulfill by the candidate.

Accountants, researchers, lawyers, engineers, teachers, medical and allied workers are getting preference for TN visa according to the norms of  north American free trade agreement. The TN visa holder can able to live and work in the US but on a temporary basis. The validity of this visa is up to three years after completion of 3 years the visa can be extended depending upon the circumstances. In this visa, the spouse and the children of the candidate can give him company in the US. The spouse and children are also able to study in the country but not permitted for work.


Obama Upgrades the Operating  Of Immigration System

Immigration updatesEarlier in the news conference, President Barack Obama declared that by the end of the year they are going to take whatever legal actions that he can make, and also said that will upgrade the operating of the immigration system.

He rejected irate challenges from Republicans when he declared a wide upgrade of the country’s migration authorization framework that will ensure up to 5 million unapproved immigrants from the risk of expulsion. He additionally wants to assign work permit to many of them.

That part of the president’s idea alone could impact as many of 3.3 million people who have been living in the United States illicitly for not less than five years. The White House, be that as it may, is additionally considering a stricter strategy that would constrain the advantages of movement of individuals who have lived in the U.S. for not less than 10 years, or around 2.5 million qualified people.

Obama wants to give a chance for legal outsiders with high specialized aptitudes and give clearer direction to the organizations that authorize the immigration laws for people who ought to be a low preference for expelling, particularly those with strong family ties and no severe criminal history.

Another notice will coordinate the activities of authorized operators and immigration judges to clarify to them that expulsions ought to at present, proceed for convicted culprits and for outlander who pose national security risks.

The significant components of the president’s scheme depend on the longstanding lawful points of reference that give the Executive Branch the right to work out “prosecutorial discretion” by the way it upholds the laws. Those points of reference are alike the premise of a 2012 choice to shield from expulsion the so called “dreamers,” who went to the United States as youthful kids.

Lawyer General Eric H. Holder confirmed that he was sure” … that what the president will do will be predictable with our laws.”


Canada Express Entry a Dynamic Responsive System for Skilled Migration

Dynamic-Response-on-EE-for-Skilled-ImmigrantsSince January 2015, the skilled foreign workers have been provided access to Canada Express Entry. It is a new form of electronic application management system that helps people to migrate to Canada.

A point to note here is that it applies to some key economic Immigration Programs of Canada that include the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and a few of the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP).

Do note that the Canada Express Entry does not refer to any new immigration program. Rather, it is just a new way in which the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) manages the online economic immigration applications to provide the Canada Permanent Resident Visa. It will lead to faster processing in the case of skilled foreign workers. In fact, candidates may even be able to secure a job even before they arrive in Canada!

While it used to take 12-14 months or even longer to process an application for Canada Permanent Resident Visas earlier, now it will take just six months or even lesser.

Also, it allows the provinces to make use of the Express Entry pool to find the right candidates for their various Provincial Nominee Programs. This way the Canadian employers can have a greater say and play a more direct role in this kind of economic immigration. Candidates who are in the Express Entry pool are able to increase their chances to migrate to Canada as they are invited to apply as they can now promote themselves to the employers directly.

This kind of new and improved Job Bank of Canada helps to connect the Express Entry candidates directly with Canadian employers and makes economic integration much faster as soon as immigrants arrive in Canada.

It has a two step application process. The first step includes creating an online express entry profile and next step is the invitation to apply (ITA).

The Candidate Express Profile remains valid for a year. In case the candidate still wants to continue the application process, they need to fill in the profile yet again. In addition, educational credentials assessments along with language results have to be submitted. This will lead to points which can be added towards the Express Entry Score.

This way the program is beneficial to the candidates as well as for the Canadian government.

Obama says he would pass pending immigration orders by Dec

The supporters of Obama seem to be on cloud9 as the United States President assured them that he would roll out the much anticipated immigration reforms in next three months.

Addressing the crowd at Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, Obama said that the reforms would take place between November and December.

If buzz has to be believed, at least 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States would get permanent residency in case Obama passes these pending bills.

Meanwhile, Obama continues to come under criticism as immigration experts and supporters are allegedly taking on him for not using his executive powers timely and deporting the illegal immigrants.

Great number of Indian students headed to Germany

Germany topped the list of preferable study abroad destinations among Indians and more number of students got enrolled in engineering, science, and technology fields this year. Over the years, the German Government’s efforts in attracting more Indian students via the German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD had got succeeded with more number of Indian students heading to Germany over other competitive destinations.

A spokesperson of DAAD said that they are conducting informative sessions at various universities and research centers. DAAD offers ample scholarship programs and assist Indian and German educational institutions to establish good relationship, he added.

German universities offer more than 1,600 programs in English. In fact, most of the Indians get attracted towards Germany as the country offers education at free of cost or tuition fee is relatively low (some Euro 500 per semester). Apart from this, the country is fortified with top nine tech universities that attract many students aiming for post graduate courses.

Notably, 9,619 Indians have enrolled in German universities between 2013 and 2014, which represented an increase of 2000 when compared to previous year.

Germany is a desirable destination to study technology, particularly automobile engineering, both at undergraduate and master’s level, opined experts. Moreover, graduates and post-graduates will be able to reside in the country after they complete their course of studies. Additionally, the German Government has relaxed the entry and residence norms for skilled professionals to lure talent from across the globe.

Nakhchivan and Iran agrees for simplified visa regime to boost tourism

The governments of Nakhchivan and Iran are simplifying the visa regime in order to boost the country’s tourism.

Both the governments have mutually agreed to set up a one-time i.e. 15-day visa, to come into the territory of the Iranian nationals to Nakhchivan AR.

According to the Oxu.Az report, it was declared by the Iranian Embassy Consul in Azerbaijan Mohsin Molai. The contract was attained in consequence to the 9 meeting of the Commission on collaboration in trade, economic and humanitarian sphere between Iran and Azerbaijanm, which was held on 6 August.

As per the consul, the visa will be granted at checkpoints such as Sederek, Julfa and Shakhtakhti. The visa will be valid only for the nationals of Iran in Nakhchivan and it can’t be utilized in other Azerbaijan regions.

The Consul Molai said that the simplification of visa regime would assist the improvement of tourism and trade dealings in the border areas of Iran and Azerbaijan.