Opulentus assistance in helping me obtain B2 Visitor visa

Hello everyone! My name is Neetha. I recently went to Opulentus visa consultancy for getting help concerning the US tourist visa. When I went there, I was a complete novice but after the entire visa application was over and I got my B2 visitor pass, I left the place learning something totally new. At this point of time, I would like to narrate the experience I had with Opulentus.

Most of my relatives are living in the US since a very long time. It has been my deepest desire to visit them but so far I never got a chance to do so. Also, I had no idea about the visa requirements for visiting the US. At this point of time, one of my close friends who had been to Opulentus for getting some visa help suggested me to visit them. With an anxious mind full of worries, I went to Opulentus for seeking aid and guidance.

Without much loss of time, I decided to visit Opulentus the very next day. On arriving there, I was warmly greeted by one of the staff. I told her about my issue and she patiently listened to it. Thereafter, I was assigned a Case Officer to deal with my case. I was briefed about the B2 visitor visa and its requirements. The rest as they say; was history. Soon, I saw myself getting actively involved with the visa formalities like documentation, filing the application and actually attending the visa interview. After this, I just waited for the good news to arrive.

I still remember the day when I got a call from my Case Officer, congratulating me on my visa approval. My heart leapt for joy and my spirits soared high! I thanked him profusely and all the team as well who stood by me in my hour of need. Really, the professionals of Opulentus are experts in their field. They are well-informed with all the visa norms. The way they deal with cases and make success stories out of them is worthy of praise.

My journey with Opulentus

Hi all, this is Rishikesh. I was spellbound by the services of Opulentus and I truly say this was the best immigration consultancy that I have ever come across. I feel it was their expertise and guidance which made me to get my Australia student visa when I was in need of it.

Opulentus visa counselors are very friendly and have had extended good support to me whenever it is required. They were too good in providing the information and assisted me in an exceptional manner. With their assistance, I got to know about the best colleges and universities in Australia and they even helped me to know about the various study programs that most institutions were offering.

I was really worried about the Australia student application procedure but the visa counselors over there were strong enough and asked me not to worry about the procedure and all. They instead promised me that they will take care of entire procedure and told me that my profile was too good and the chances were also really high. I was a bit relaxed after hearing this and their words have build confidence in me and I started navigating through each phase of application procedure.

The visa experts at Opulentus have provided excellent guidance with regards to documentation, checklist and other requirements that need to be met. Additionally, they provided me the information about colleges that offer excellent education at affordable charge. I was really pleased by their assistance and I feel like everything went so easily from beginning to ending. And, the guidance that they have provided for the visa interview is also excellent.

Finally, I cracked the visa interview with their guidance. I was eagerly waiting for the day to receive my visa. The day has come and I got my Australia student visa. When I came to know this, I thought this has happened only because of Opulentus without which it would not have happened so easily. For this, I really thank Opulentus for making my process a big success story. I would like to express my hearty thanks to all those, especially my case officer who have assisted me to get my visa on time. Thanks to the whole team.

Opulentus Gave Me Exceptional Guidance

I wanted a work permit to go and work in a country, as I did’nt wanted to stay here and I wanted to lead a quality life. One of my friends suggested me to consult Opulentus regarding this and I immediately consulted them for my requirement. I explained the entire scenario to my case officer and then asked them how they could help me in getting it.

Client Testimonial – Opulentus

Opulentus -Client Testimonial

Opulentus officer explained me the pros and con’s of my idea, as to how will I live and search for the job as in many countries it is not allowed. It seemed very risky. I thought now I have to stay here only and work hard, but then they came with good news that I have an option of going to Germany with the help of German Job Seeker visa, where I can stay and search for a job in Germany legally. I was very happy with that solution and I immediately availed their services in order to work on it.

Opulentus has worked on my process really fast and they kept in touch with me all through the process. They helped me in gathering the documentation and process my visa. They guided me through the entire processing and made sure I got a positive reply. Thank you Opulentus for the entire support and letting me know the entire processing method. I will surely comeback for my parents’ dependant visa.

Opulentus Guided Me To The Right Path

I am a bachelor’s student who wanted to study abroad and wanted to earn big and take care of my mom. I researched on all the best universities and got placed in one the finest university in United Kingdom, now the main part is the visa processing. I have to no idea about visa processing and no idea about the requirements. I goggled the requirements and the entire process but it was so confusing and many of my friends suggested going with a visa consultancy, but I was scared about getting cheated with them. Finally my best friend came and told me about Opulentus visa services where they take care of the entire visa processing.

When I consulted the visa agency they were very and explained me the entire processing which deals with a visa. They gave me information about as to what kind of visa is required for me and what are the necessary steps and how can they help me out through the entire process. I was convinced with them and provided with the entire documentation. Opulentus group took care of the entire documentation and even checked with my documents before submitting so that all the documents are at place. Opulentus not only helped me with the documentation process but also helped me with the visa interview process where they guided me as to how and what kind of situations I may face. By god’s grace and with the help of Opulentus I have finally got a positive reply and now I can go to my dream destination and fulfill my ambitions. Thanks Opulentus

Tremendous Efforts By Opulentus

I am here to tell you about Opulentus. I visited Opulentus when I was desperately in need of US tourist visa. I had to join my friends for a musical event at Broadway, which had the capability to change our fates as our show was listed after the famous Wicked musical. I pakka knew that it would only be like burning my fingers if I was going on my own. So, with the help of some online help, I approached Opulentus.

I told them I wanted a tourist visa within a week. Things though seemed grim even to the executives, they were happy to know that I am all set to make it big in music. They said they would try their best and processed the visa by explaining in the statement of visa that I am a person gifted with talent that shouldn’t go waste etc.

I really liked the way they took each and every step to ensure that I get a visa. I finally got a visa and we are now a big band who tour USA. Opulentus truly helped in proving my world as to who I am. Another best thing I liked in Opulentus was their low processing fee. Even in such an urgency, they never demanded extra money citing priority service and stuff like that.

You guys are really amazing! Keep rocking…

Chased my dreams through Opulentus

Hi all, this is Shruti Gaikwad from Bangalore.  I always had this dream to pursue higher studies in a foreign country. I couldn’t go ahead with it due to some disturbances in my life then. Now that things started falling back into their place, I want to chase my dream to stay in foreign country. With four years of decent experience in Biotechnology domain, I was sure that getting a job wouldn’t be a hard nut to crack.

As I knew about this visa consultancy—Opulentus, I approached them with all my doubts and preferences. They took me through the process and also guided me that Biotechnology is in great demand in Australia. They have even said that I need to get an offer letter from some firm that has its office in that country.

After about two months, I have again approached Opulentus, this time with all the documents they have asked me to furnish. Opulentus people have processed my application to Australia timely. I am hoping that I would soon get a visa to Australia. Thanks a lot Opulentus for processing my visa.

I highly recommend Opulentus

I had to go Germany on a job seeker visa. Got the visa processed through Opulentus. However, I was so panic regards to my stay over there as it was completely new to me. I just enquired with Opulentus if they could be of some help to me in this matter. To my surprise, Opulentus folks told me that they do offer something called—Opulentus post landing services. I was on cloud9 and readily availed that service. Within a month, they got back to me. They found a good house within my budget. Also, they booked my tickets and took care of other stuff such as engaging the taxi at the airport. They were continuously in touch with me until they got assurance that I was settled. I really like their service and recommend them.

Impressed with Opulentus services

Hi all, this is Sharma from Chandigarh. I had plans to go on F1 visa. Having heard so much about Opulentus, I thought of giving it a try. I approached them with all the details including i20 I received from Columbia University in NY.  They agreed to process the visa timely.  Opulentus guys were really professional and did things very systematically. They even managed to clear my doubts. I knew that I would definitely get a visa by looking at their response. The best part of Opulentus was they charged low fee compared to other visa consultancies. I would rate them with five stars!


Opulentus was my gateway for my dreams

I wanted to go the US for my further studies and I knew my parents would not accept so easily because one my cousin got rejected several times at the embassy. So first I thought I will prepare all my documents and be ready to show my parents so that will they will understand how serious I am in life regarding my aim. I shared this idea with one my friend and he suggested me to consult Opulentus, who is very well reputated company in visa services. Me and my friend visited the office and spoke to the officer about my requirements. The Opulentus officer explained me clearly as to what all I need to submit. They provided me with so much of information that I was confident that I can convince my parents for it. So the next day I spoke to my parents and as expected they freaked out at me. I asked them to trust me and took them to Opulentus, the officer was so kind that he explained my parents everything again crystal clear and my parents were quite convinced and asked the officer to immediately start off the process. I jumped with excitement, within a period of time all my documents were submitted and they guided me with visa interview and I got the visa. My parents were so surprised to the entire process going so smoothly without any hiccups and now I can study in my dream country. Thank you Opulentus for all the support you have given.

Opulentus US Visa Testimonial


Opulentus treats its clients like its own people

I am settled in US for quite some time and now want my parents to come here on visit visa. Although I could do everything from here, processing and other stuff, my busy schedule doesn’t let me take even a tea break.

My aged parents, on the other hand, are completely ignorant about processing visas. Therefore, I had no other option other than to approach some visa consultancy. After preliminary enquiry, I came to know that there’s a good visa consultancy named Opulentus.

I telephoned Opulentus people and explained them everything, who assured me that they would take care of my parents properly, which included booking tickets and picking them up at the airport and dropping them at my place.

I was really happy to know this. I gave the contact details of Opulentus to my people.They were really happy over Opulentus service. Opulentus folks processed the visas timely and our parents got the visas at the earliest. I am thankful to Opulentus…can you name any consultancy that will take care of its clients like its own members? Opulentus is truly wonderful. I highly recommend Opulentus.


I’m thankful to Opulentus – Review

Opulentus is one of the best visa consultancies I ever visited. I am here to narrate my experience with Opulentus. I always wanted to work in Germany and tried searching for jobs on various online portals, however, to no avail. When things started looking grim, my friend told me about Opulentus.

I approached Opulentus and told me about my dream to work in Germany and also told them that I was not able to find a job on any portal.

I was surprised when I got to know that jobs in Germany would not be posted to any online forums. They told me about Germany job seeker visa. I didn’t even know that such a program ever existed.  As I already had more than three years of work experience in engineering domain, they said they can process Germany job seeker visa. I readily accepted their proposal and they processed my visa. I am in Germany today attending various job interviews.

Without the guidance of Opulentus, my dream to work in Germany would have remained like a dream. Another best part of Opulentus is that they even provided post landing services. They have taken care of my accommodation and other arrangements on arrival. They never made me feel that I was away from home. Thanks a lot Opulentus, I am grateful to you.