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Opulentus is one of the best visa consultancies I ever visited. I am here to narrate my experience with Opulentus. I always wanted to work in Germany and tried searching for jobs on various online portals, however, to no avail. When things started looking grim, my friend told me about Opulentus.

I approached Opulentus and told me about my dream to work in Germany and also told them that I was not able to find a job on any portal.

I was surprised when I got to know that jobs in Germany would not be posted to any online forums. They told me about Germany job seeker visa. I didn’t even know that such a program ever existed.  As I already had more than three years of work experience in engineering domain, they said they can process Germany job seeker visa. I readily accepted their proposal and they processed my visa. I am in Germany today attending various job interviews.

Without the guidance of Opulentus, my dream to work in Germany would have remained like a dream. Another best part of Opulentus is that they even provided post landing services. They have taken care of my accommodation and other arrangements on arrival. They never made me feel that I was away from home. Thanks a lot Opulentus, I am grateful to you.


  1. I am thankful to the entire team of Opulentus who helped me in getting Canadian visa. Specially my case officer who helped me through out.

  2. Opulentus has guided me throughout the visa process and prepared me for the visa interview. Thanks you so much Opulentus for the help.

  3. Thank you Opulentus for all you have done for me to get my Denmark visa on time. Special thanks to the team who have guided me very well throughout my interaction.

  4. Opulentus team took care of my entire visa processing for Hong Kong. I finally I got visa and I am very happy about it. Thanks to my case officer for not letting my hopes down.

  5. Opulentus did the best visa servicing for my parents. I was worried about them as to how will they get through the entire process and come and live with me, but Opulentus has done their best in processing their visa and making sure that got it.

  6. I availed Opulentus post landing services recently. Right from searching for a house in a foreign country to picking me up at the airport, everything went on very smooth. Like them.

  7. Opulentus has the best visa processing, and I got the entire idea as to how the visa processing is actually taken place. They have maintained the things transparent and also suggested me with few necessary steps.

  8. I rate Opulentus with five stars because it is only the consultancy that offers exceptional services through every phase. Thanks a lot.

  9. I believe that Opulentus is one and only visa company in India that offers genuine and affordable visa and immigration services to the clients. . Tried many consultancies earlier, but they were no use.

  10. Opulentus complaint team expert come up with various solutions for the clients problems and they make sure they come up with the best solution.

  11. I really Opulentus for the services they provided me with and for the absolute information I have received regarding my visa processing.

  12. I am very happy with the services offered by Opulentus visa consultants in helping me to easily navigate through every phase of visa process.

  13. I was impressed with the service offered by Opulentus. Thanks for your support for helping me to confidently navigate through every phase of visa processing.

  14. My application was processed timely by the visa counselors of Opulentus. Thanks to the team for all your support and guidance.

  15. My experience with team firm was awesome. They require a standing owe for their support in handling the visa processes hassle-free. It is a must visa consultancy for any sort of visa services.

  16. If you are planning to migrate abroad, you can seek assistance from Opulentus, which is the world’s No.1 visa consultancy. They offer excellent immigration services to all the people.

  17. Unlike any other immigration consultancy, Opulentus is very focused and goal-driven in their approach. They believe in timely deliverables.

  18. I am a big fan of Opulentus. My UK study visa got processed successfully only with the support and supervision given by the proficiency team of Opulentus. I thank each and every member of the Opulentus firm.

  19. Opulentus offered me excellent assistance and guidance. Many thanks to the whole team who worked hard to process my application.

  20. Thanks to my case officer at Opulentus for guiding me throughout the visa processing. All the information which was provided was very useful.

  21. My visa process went so easy and simple with the help of Opulentus. For this, I would like to say thanks to whole team especially to my case officer for processing my visa. Thanks to the whole team.

  22. I recommend Opulentus for everyone who is in need of immigration assistance. They were the best visa consultants in the world. I am saying this out of my experience.

  23. I rate Opulentus with 5 stars for making my dream come true in going to Canada. Thanks a lot to the entire team and my case officer.

  24. I would like to thank Opulentus for making my immigration process so simple and easy. The visa counselors were so good and supportive. Many thanks to the team.

  25. Opulentus cleared all the hurdles of my process. Big thanks to the whole team and special thanks to my case officer for offering such comprehensive assistance.

  26. Opulentus has provided me with the post landing services where they provided me with the airport pickups and accommodation. Thanks a lot for making my travelling so easy.

  27. Opulentus has guided my parents throughout the visa processing. They maintained a constant rapo and explained them the entire process and made it easy for them. Thanks a lot for the help Opulentus.

  28. Opulentus visa consultancy has the consultants who have experience of more than 10 years in the immigration years. I found them as the best ones in migration industry.

  29. The professional immigration consultants for Opulentus assist their clients in visa categories of visit, study, tourist, business and many others of various countries. They experts upgrade themselves with all latest norms of the country.

  30. Although my close friend recommended the name of Opulentus, when I first came here, I was filled with trepidation. However, on seeing their mannerism and approach while handling my case, all my fears were laid to rest. I am elated on getting my visa processed successfully.

  31. I recommend all my near and dear ones to approach the immigration consultants of Opulentus for any sort of visa services. I am spell bound with their services.

  32. Thanks to the entire team of Opulentus and my proficient Case Officer, I was able to obatin an approval for Germany jobseeker visa under the guidance of Opulentus.

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