What are the requirements for EU Blue Card for Sweden?


Are you planning work in Sweden? Then Sweden EU-blue card would be the best choice. If you are unaware of Sweden EU-blue card process and looking for assistance then you can approach the immigration consultants of Opulentus. Sweden is world’s rich and most advanced nation. While EU-Blue Card is a wide system, every country has its own qualification criteria for their own particular nation’s Blue Card plan. Referring to this, starting 1 August 2013, Sweden EU Blue card has come into effect for international skilled people. This is a stunning opportunity for abroad or non-EU nationals to venture into the primary modern fields of telecoms, ranger service and pharmaceutical and the auto commercial enterprises in Sweden. The main motto of Sweden behind the signing of EU Blue Card plan is to allow talented overseas nationals to work and dwell in Sweden briefly. Then again, every country should meet principles such as:

  • Provides work and wage conditions similar nationals
  • Allow free movement within Schengen zone
  • Allow great circumstances for family reunification
  • Paves path for permanent resident status

What is Sweden EU Blue Card

Sweden EU Blue Card a work permit issued for the abroad talented people to live and work in Sweden. This plan has allured a various talented immigrants to pick Sweden instead of different countries. Doing as such, the labor shortages in the nation will be filled by abroad skilled individuals.

Requirements for EU Blue Card for Sweden?

A foreign national, who might want to apply for Sweden EU Blue Card, must meet the below Sweden EU Blue Card Requirements.

  • A valid passport
  • Must hold bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • Five year work experience
  • Hold an employment contract in Sweden or a binding job offer, for a period of one year
  • Offered pay must be no less than 1.5 times the average gross yearly salary in Sweden.
  • Applied for health insurance

Advantages of staying in Sweden on EU Blue Card

  • Short-term resident or work permit for two years or till the employment offer is in place
  • After five years of stay in Sweden on EU Blue Card, individuals can become eligible for PR
  • Can bring relatives instantly
Why Opulentus?

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  1. If an Immigrant had selected to EU Blue Card to Sweden , then he can work any European country , only for selected nation.

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