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I wanted to go the US for my further studies and I knew my parents would not accept so easily because one my cousin got rejected several times at the embassy. So first I thought I will prepare all my documents and be ready to show my parents so that will they will understand how serious I am in life regarding my aim. I shared this idea with one my friend and he suggested me to consult Opulentus, who is very well reputated company in visa services. Me and my friend visited the office and spoke to the officer about my requirements. The Opulentus officer explained me clearly as to what all I need to submit. They provided me with so much of information that I was confident that I can convince my parents for it. So the next day I spoke to my parents and as expected they freaked out at me. I asked them to trust me and took them to Opulentus, the officer was so kind that he explained my parents everything again crystal clear and my parents were quite convinced and asked the officer to immediately start off the process. I jumped with excitement, within a period of time all my documents were submitted and they guided me with visa interview and I got the visa. My parents were so surprised to the entire process going so smoothly without any hiccups and now I can study in my dream country. Thank you Opulentus for all the support you have given. Opulentus US Visa Testimonial  

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