My journey with Opulentus


Hi all, this is Rishikesh. I was spellbound by the services of Opulentus and I truly say this was the best immigration consultancy that I have ever come across. I feel it was their expertise and guidance which made me to get my Australia student visa when I was in need of it.

Opulentus visa counselors are very friendly and have had extended good support to me whenever it is required. They were too good in providing the information and assisted me in an exceptional manner. With their assistance, I got to know about the best colleges and universities in Australia and they even helped me to know about the various study programs that most institutions were offering.

I was really worried about the Australia student application procedure but the visa counselors over there were strong enough and asked me not to worry about the procedure and all. They instead promised me that they will take care of entire procedure and told me that my profile was too good and the chances were also really high. I was a bit relaxed after hearing this and their words have build confidence in me and I started navigating through each phase of application procedure.

The visa experts at Opulentus have provided excellent guidance with regards to documentation, checklist and other requirements that need to be met. Additionally, they provided me the information about colleges that offer excellent education at affordable charge. I was really pleased by their assistance and I feel like everything went so easily from beginning to ending. And, the guidance that they have provided for the visa interview is also excellent.

Finally, I cracked the visa interview with their guidance. I was eagerly waiting for the day to receive my visa. The day has come and I got my Australia student visa. When I came to know this, I thought this has happened only because of Opulentus without which it would not have happened so easily. For this, I really thank Opulentus for making my process a big success story. I would like to express my hearty thanks to all those, especially my case officer who have assisted me to get my visa on time. Thanks to the whole team.


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