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US introduced TN visa for Canadian and Mexican temporary workers

In present time workforce shortage is the biggest problem for all the countries around the world. There are so many immigration and visa policies have been implemented by the US to avoid the scarcity of the human resource. TN visa is one of the initiatives proposed by the American government to allow the Canadian and Mexican temporary workers to take part in the American projects. This visa is only applicable for the citizen of Mexico and Canada. The visa is approved for the candidates who have the employment offer from the US for a professional job. The visa has been created by the North American free trade agreement or called as NAFTA to main the bilateral relationship of trade and commerce with the countries like Canada and Mexico. There are some eligibility criteria for obtaining the TN visa. First of all the candidate has evidence that he/she is the citizen of Canada or Mexico because other foreign individual are not permitted for this concern. The applicant must have an employment offer from the US employer before applying for this TN visa. The occupation of the candidate should obey the terms and conditions of NAFTA.  For getting this visa the minimum qualification of the applicant should be a bachelor’s degree. The character and the healthy requirement should fulfill by the candidate. Accountants, researchers, lawyers, engineers, teachers, medical and allied workers are getting preference for TN visa according to the norms of  north American free trade agreement. The TN visa holder can able to live and work in the US but on a temporary basis. The validity of this visa is up to three years after completion of 3 years the visa can be extended depending upon the circumstances. In this visa, the spouse and the children of the candidate can give him company in the US. The spouse and children are also able to study in the country but not permitted for work.  

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